Bonus Terms & Conditions

  1. Bonus Policy
    1. To be eligible to receive a bonus or promotion from the Company, you must have made a minimum deposit of 250 USD/EUR/GBP or the equivalent in local currency.
    2. Each bonus offer is provided on a one-time and limited time basis.
    3. Bonuses are immediately available for trading.
    4. Trade return amounts shall be divided according to the cash and bonus proportions of any trade investment.
    5. Customer deposits, withdrawals requests or changes in bonus status will result in recalculation of Cash/Bonus ratios.
      1. In the following example, a customer agreed to receive a $ 250 bonus on a $ 750 deposit. In this example, any trade opened by the customer will be considered as comprising 25% bonus money and 75% cash money.
      2. In the event that the trade returns an amount of $ 500:
        1. 500 x 0.75 = $ 375 will be returned to the cash balance of the client.
        2. 500 x 0.25 = $ 125 will be attributed as profit attached to the bonus balance.
        3. The cash balance of the customer will now be $ 1125.
      3. In the event that the trade returns an amount of – $ 500:
        1. - 500 x 0.75 = -$ 375 will be returned to the cash balance of the client.
        2. - 500 x 0.25 = -$ 125 will be attributed as loss attached to the bonus balance.
        3. The cash balance of the customer will now be $ 375.
      4. Whereas the customer after the losing trade now has a cash balance of $ 375 and a bonus balance of $ 125 a further deposit of $ 625 will result in an adjusted cash balance of $ 1000 and a simultaneous bonus award accepted by the customer of $ 375 will result in a total bonus balance of $ 500. The relative Cash/Bonus ratios will now be re-calculated such that any trade now opened by the customer will be calculated as comprising 33% bonus money and 66% cash money. Trade Returns x 0.667 will be returned to the cash balance. Trade Returns x 0.333 will be returned to the bonus balance.
    6. There are no restrictions on withdrawal of cash balances of customers
    7. Bonuses and profits attributed to bonuses are available for withdrawal only after wagering requirements (measured as trading volume completed) have been satisfied.
    8. Wagering is standardly set at 40 times the bonus value for Binary trades and 50 times the bonus value for Forex trades. For example, if a $ 30 bonus is granted, a trader must complete a total of $ 1200 Binary trades or $ 1500 Forex trades before the bonus and profit associated with the bonus is available for withdrawal.
    9. For Forex trades the wagering amount attributed to a trade is calculated as follows: Initial Investment Amount x Trade Leverage / 500.
    10. Notwithstanding Point 1.5, bonuses exceeding $ 4, 999 and $ 9,999 shall be subject to trading volume requirements of 60 times and 80 times, respectively, the value of the bonus before becoming available for withdrawal.
    11. In the event that the entire or part of the deposit on which the bonus is given is withdrawn before the bonus amount has been wagered, the following shall apply:
      1. For bonuses awarded from 24th July 2015: The balance of the bonus after the trading profits and losses attributed to the bonus shall be cancelled. The original deposit and trading profits minus trading losses attributed to the customer’s deposit may be withdrawn.
      2. For bonuses awarded before 24th July 2015 In the case of trading loses, all losses will be borne by the original deposit and the remaining balance may be withdrawn. In the case of trading profits, the trading profits shall be canceled and the original deposit may be withdrawn.


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