Complaints Handling Procedure

  1. Introduction

B.O. TradeFinancials Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Company’), is a company incorporated in the Republic of Cyprus and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (Cysec) to act as a Cyprus investment Firm (CIF) with License No 216/13.

  1. Principles

The Company is dedicated to providing services to its Clients in a fair and impartial manner. In case of client complaint the Company will endeavor to resolve the complaint speedily and to the Client’s satisfaction.

  1. Scope of Complaints Procedure

The following document represents the Complaints Handling Procedure of the Company: the methods to be used for complaints submission and the protocols to be used by the Company in resolving such complaints.

  1. Definition of Complaints

A complaint is an expression of disaffection by a Client with the provision of investment or other services by the Company. Such a complaint must be received in writing by the Company and include

  • Client’s Full Name

  • Client’s Username and Account ID

  • Full details of trades and /or other transactions effected

  • Date the issue occurred

  1. Complaint Submission Procedure

Complaints may be submitted to the client’s account manager or customer support who will then transmit the complaint to the complaints committee. Clients may also submit directly to the complaints committee at The Company will acknowledge receipt of a complaint within 2 business days of reception.

  1. Complaint Handling Protocol

The Company shall thoroughly examine complaints received using information contained within but not limited to the Company’s books, trading records, email and call records and any other source of information deemed relevant by the company to resolving the complaint. The Company will send a response to the Client within 14 calendar days of receipt of the complaint.

In the event that the Company requires more time to resolve the complaint it shall send a written response to the Client to such affect.

In the event that the Company requires more information from the client a written response to such affect should be sent to the Client and the fourteen days resolution period will recommence after the Client’s response is received by the Company.

The Company shall always endeavor to reach a fair outcome. The Company shall inform the client of the outcome, supply the necessary explanation and outline any remedial measures it intends to take.

  1. Client’s Rights

The Client’s right to take legal action remains unaffected by the existence or use of the Complaints Handling Procedure. The Client is fully entitled to address any grievance to the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission.


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