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Mai 19th 2015: London Stock Exchange OF Press Release

OptionFair Becomes First & Only Publically Traded Online Broker

Limassol, Cyprus – May 13, 2015 – Recently, OptionFair has made momentous strides that have helped define themselves as leaders in the online binary options industry.

By far the biggest announcement from the online binary options broker came only a couple of months ago when they became the first and only publically traded binary options broker in their respective industry. OptionFair is listed on the London Stock Exchange’s Alternative Market (AIM) under their sister company, TechFinancials Group, listed as Tech.L.

Investors understand the importance of this transparency and thus, the clarity of OptionFair’s financial reporting makes them one of the most trusted trading partners in the industry. This achievement is notable for those investing in the financial markets because with this move, OptionFair has officially strengthened their value and status in the world’s financial community.

Mai 12th 2015: CySec OF Press Release

OptionFair is Fully Regulated on CySec

Limassol, Cyprus – May 13, 2015 – Although OptionFair became one of the first online binary option brokers to get licensed with the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySec) in 2012, there is a new significance behind their certification.

Ever since they became publically traded a couple of months ago, they are now the first and only company in the business that can claim to be both CySec regulated and listed on the London Stock Exchange Alternative Market (AIM) under their sister company, TechFinancials Group, listed as Tech.L.

As a CySec licensed broker, OptionFair’s traders know they are investing with a secure and regulated trading partner.

Mai 5th 2015: 2in1 Forex OF Press Release

OptionFair Offers Forex on Their Binary Trading Platform

Limassol, Cyprus – May 13, 2015 – In news that may have slipped under the radar, OptionFair integrated their platform to enable Forex and binary options trading at the same time. The binary options broker made this feature available at the beginning of this year.

This means that OptionFair’s traders do not need separate software and can trade forex and binary on the same platform. This new 2-in-1 trading experience allows binary traders to make easier transitions and smoother movements in between the two instruments with a single click. With this feature, OptionFair has been able to deliver more solutions to their clients.

The new propriety Forex (spot) technology offers an attractive way for traders to invest. The single biggest advantage of this is that if a trade is not successful, OptionFair investors can only lose their initial investment; there are no extra liabilities. Successful trades can be extended and the limits changed with a single click.

Dec. 18th 2013: OptionFair has added the option of trading with rubles for registered members

B.O. TradeFinancials and its premier binary options trading platform – OptionFair – now enables trading with rubles. This additional currency cements OptionFair’s commitment to tailor its market offering to traders around the world. The ruble is the unit of currency used by several Eastern European countries including Russia, Transnistria, South Ossetia, Abkhazia, and Belarus. Traders from these countries can now deposit and withdraw in their home currency, with no need to convert funds into euros, dollars, pounds sterling or other currencies.

Trading Made Easy

OptionFair provides an innovative trading platform to all registered users. The inclusion of the ruble as an accepted trading currency increases accessibility even further, offering another option tailored to traders in Eastern Europe and Russia. Trading on the OptionFair platform is geared to both experienced investors and beginners, with a wealth of instructional and information tools, in multiple languages, such as a fully comprehensive FAQ, webinars and instructive trading articles. Binary Options trading includes an array of trading possibilities with multiple instruments, such as high-low, one-touch, and boundary. High returns are possible with the right trading strategy.

Quick & easy registration can be completed in a matter of minutes, opening up a platform of myriad trading possibilities. Binary Options trading has enjoyed a spike in global interest, especially among operators that are fully licensed and regulated like OptionFair.

Trading Philosophy

OptionFair is committed to safe & secure trading practices at all times. The OptionFair platform provides traders with maximum profit possibilities, fairness and transparency, freedom of choice, and enjoyable trading. Traders have access to multiple assets and financial instruments in addition to a highly responsive and professional support team.

Oct. 24th 2013: B.O. Tradefinancials receives financial license from Cyprus Financial Regulator – CySEC

The Cyprus Financial Regulator, CySEC has granted B.O. Tradefinancials Ltd a financial license to operate. This trading license is an important step towards realizing the ambitious objectives of the leading binary options broker, OptionFair. Regulation paves the way for entry into new markets where traders typically seek assurances about online brokerages from credible authorities.

CySEC – the Cypriot Safety and Financial Exchange Commission – regulates the trading activity of all of its licensed brokers; requiring adherence to a strict charter with full transparency of financial transactions. Whilst recognizing that regulation involves a significant investment in terms of both capital and manpower, senior management at OptionFair views the process as essential. “The opportunity that harmonized European financial regulation (MiFID) brings will enable us to provide the assurance of a regulated trading environment to all our thousands of satisfied clients; this is fantastic news for our clients and our company” said a company spokesman.

At OptionFair, binary options are presently available for a wide range of instruments including commodities, indices, stocks and forex. These investments provide competitive trading alternatives, as all that’s required is the correct anticipation of the direction of price movement. Binary options and their associated trading possibilities continue to expand in the online trading arena. As investors look to shore up their financial portfolios, they are increasingly diversifying into this lucrative field. The opportunity to earn bigger profits is an enticing prospect to newcomers and experienced traders alike.

OptionFair provides traders with a fully comprehensive base of financial trading articles, tutorials, webinars and guides. The didactic webinars provide traders with in-depth, real-time trading insights. Further, traders can make use of the ‘How to Trade’ page, with the associated glossary and FAQ. When traded correctly, binary options have the potential to yield returns in the region of 85% at OptionFair. Now with full licensing and regulation, OptionFair traders have access to trading options in a fully structured regulatory framework.

Oct. 17th 2012: OptionFair Offers Traders Binary Option Webinar

Optionfair Offers Traders Binary Option Webinar

London, UK- Oct 17, 2012: Ever an aspiring industry leader, optionFair has launched webinar’s for their online traders.

With the online trading world abuzz about binary option’s expansion, more and more traders are looking to further their knowledge about this fast growing opportunity to make substantial profit. Market experts and top financial analysts are more and more frequently writing, blogging and discussing this new industry that is open to all types of investors worldwide. Keeping this in mind, optionFair has released plans to ensure all their traders are geared with the utmost in-demand educational tools available by offering new traders an enhancive online binary options webinar to aide in their trading success.

The optionFair webinar is an interactive multimedia learning experience led by an expert trader. Not only are traders able to ask questions, but the class is taught alongside the trader’s actual platform in real time. To ensure the information is continuously available to traders even after the course, optionFair offers a comprehensive ‘How to Trade’ page replete with a glossary and FAQ page.

This webinar is truly a fresh derivation from the YouTube or blogger ‘How to Trade’ videos in that optionFair’s webinar include interactive tools. With optionFair’s webinar the instructor not only answers questions during the course but also collaborates with the traders by asking about their various situations in order to gear the webinar to the different types of traders attending. Finally, those attending are gifted at the seminar’s summation with special promotional offers to help them with their newly learned binary option trading expertise.

In addition to optionFair’s educational tools, the site offers different easy to use trading instruments that target different types of traders. Many beginners opt for the high/low trading tool which allows them to invest based on whether they expect an option to go up or down. Other novices can utilize the ‘Touch’ instrument which relies on the traders instincts whether an option will ‘touch’ a certain level. Boundary trading, also known as the ‘range’ tool, is used by a trader who predicts whether an option will close ‘in’ or ‘out’ of a specific target price range. For those experienced entrepreneurs who enjoy fast pace trades, optionFair also offers 60 second trades where up to 85% profit can be gained in just a minute.

OptionFair currently has spaces available in many of their webinars and is inviting those who want to take the first step towards trading success to register to join now.

Oct. 10th 2012: OptionFair Releases Exclusive eBook



OptionFair Releases Exclusive eBook

As part of an on-going effort to provide traders with the knowledge needed for successful trader, optionFair is proud to introduce a new and exclusive eBook to be used alongside their innovative binary options trading platform.

Often, many novices begin trading without understanding some of the more basic elements to binary options. While trading binary options is undoubtedly one of the most simple and straightforward investment methods, it is still advisable to become familiar with the processes and lexicon associated with trading to maximize profit potential. optionFair aims to remedy this issue by equipping traders with detailed explanations and coherent guidance on how to truly take advantage of the platform. By utilising optionFair’s new eBook, traders will have access to an on-hand reference while using the platform.

OptionFair’s platform has been designed so that it provides traders with the definitive trading experience from professionals available for binary options. Furthermore, optionFair allows traders to employ an unprecedented range of financial instruments and assets to maximise profits and minimise risk.

OptionFair’s trading technology is based on exclusively developed series of advanced pricing and trading algorithms that power, maintain and guarantee accuracy and stability. Furthermore, traders will find a dedicated multilingual team of financial experts that provide professional and courteous customer support during all trading hours.

For more information, please visit

Oct. 4th 2012: OptionFair Now A Registered Trademark


OptionFair Now A Registered Trademark

Tortola, BVI – October 4th, 2012 –optionFair, one of the web’s leading binary option trading up-and- comers, is continuing to turn heads with its recent trademark registration.

Now registered as a trademark across the EU Union, the company announced that it plans to continue its marked efforts towards providing a ‘transparent’ and unique trading platform.

With the site now a registered trademark, thus further establishing optionFair’s already stellar reputation, the company hopes to further set itself above the competition. With this security provision now under wing, traders looking for services backed by officiating certifications are adding optionFair to the top of their lists.

The site offers innovative trading tools such as Boundary trading, High/Low trading and the One Touch trading instruments which make for effortless trading. Backed by TechFinancials, the company boasts an advanced interface that both new and novice traders’ alike can use comfortably. optionFair’s trading technology is based on an exclusively developed series of advanced pricing and trading algorithms that power, maintain and guarantee accuracy and stability. Furthermore, traders will find a dedicated multilingual team of financial experts providing professional and courteous customer support during trading hours.

Perspective entrepreneurs as well as extra-income seekers can learn more by visiting the company’s website at

Aug. 8th 2012: OptionFair to Offer 5 Risk-Free Trades

OptionFair™ to Offer 5 Risk-Free

Tortola, BVI – August 23rd, 2012 – optionFair™ is proud to announce a new promotion that offers clients 5 risk-free trades.

Continuing its ongoing effort to provide traders with new and exciting promotions, optionFair™ will offer completely risk-free trading on the first 5 trades.

This exciting new promotion will allow traders to execute trades knowing that these trades have no risk of loss. Should one (or more) of the first 5 trades be unsuccessful, optionFair™ will reimburse traders with the original investment amount straight into their account balance, allowing them to continue trading and profiting with optionFair’s™ hallmark binary options trading platform.

OptionFair™ is a trademark owned by Mika Holdings Inc, a company incorporated in the British Virgin Islands with globally located offices. Mika Holdings Inc. is owned and managed by a seasoned group of financial professionals who specialize in online trading with financial binary options, commodities, stocks and forex.

OptionFair’s™ platform has been designed so that it provides traders with the finest trading interface available for binary options. optionFair’s goal is to offer the end-user with a wide range of financial instruments and assets aimed at providing the ultimate trading experience.

OptionFair™ has developed a series of advanced pricing and trading algorithms, providing it with the technology to power an unparalleled range of financial instruments. Furthermore, optionFair™ makes binary options trading simpler by combining a wide range of trading tools, an easy to use interface, robust online help facilities, and a dedicated multi lingual team of financial experts that provide traders with unparalleled customer support.

For more information, please visit

Mai 5th 2012: Facebook to Join OptionFair’s Binary Options Service

Facebook Asset


Facebook To Join optionFair’s Binary Options Service.

Tortola, BVI – May 25th, 2012 – optionFair™ is happy to announce the addition of Facebook (FB) to its vast array of trading assets.

With over 500 million users and a story fit for a Hollywood blockbuster film, Facebook is undoubtedly one of the most interesting companies in the world. To mark Facebook’s arrival to the financial market, optionFair™ is officially adding Facebook to its wide variety of assets accompanied with special promotions.

OptionFair™ provides traders with unlimited trading tools on one of the most advanced trading platforms in the world. Using optionFair™, traders will be able to profit easily with more tools, assets and instruments.


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